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I think Some Might Say defines what Oasis is.’ - Noel Gallagher 

”It’s biblical innit,” explains Liam. “Cain and Abel… it’s me and our kid. Or me and you. Two people who are the opposite, who become one. “

Are you holding an olive branch out to Noel?

“It’s nice to put a band aid on it for a bit, knowwhatimean? I love him, I adore him, more than anyone else in the fuckin’ whole wide world. But we also don’t speak that much. We don’t have to speak. But that song is basically for him. It’s like, shut the fuck up, give respect and you’ll get respect back. Life, brothers and sisters, that’s what we all want isn’t it, respect?”

Or love…

“But love is the same kind of thing. If you love someone you respect someone, you respect someone you love someone. It all comes in the same… sandwich.”

Mojo, June 2005 (via teddy-grohl)

'I love this man'


Be Here Now era.